Food From Ecuador  

Ecuador is famous for its seafood, different types of potatoes from the Andes and the numerous fruits.

The country offers a wide variety of dishes, both nationally and regionally. Some of the food from Ecuador includes lemon marinated shrimp, toasted corn, and pastries stuffed with meat that is delectably spiced and flavored. You can also get roasted guinea pig or cuy, and bull penis soup or tronquito if you are adventurous enough to try something completely different.If you are traveling to Ecuador on a budget, then you can eat set plate meals, which are extremely cheap and reasonably priced. For a mere $1, you can get a soup, main course with meat, and dessert. If you are a vegetarian, you can usually find a set plate vegetarian meal, which will have to be requested.

The numerous bakeries across the country offer some delicious and mouth-watering items like breads, sweet pastries, empanadas (pastries filled with cheese or crispy and spicy meat), and llapingachos (pancakes with cheese and potatoes). You should try and frequent restaurants and eateries that the locals visit. This way you will know that the food is good.

The normal diet of an Ecuadorian consists of rice, potatoes and meat. This is often had with aji, which is a hot sauce. Also, the Sierra region consumes pork, while the rest of the country is partial to beef and chicken. Most restaurants will have different versions of aji, which can be quite hot and spicy. Other than aji, most restaurants will serve the ordered dish with rice, a small salad and potatoes, or patacones, which are squashed and fried green bananas. In the Amazon and along the coastal region, potatoes are replaced by beans, lentils or yucca.

Soup is an integral part of food from Ecuador. Usually soup is the first course either during lunch or dinner. Locro soup is a specialty of Ecuador. It is made from cheese, avocado and potatoes. Another soup that is quite popular throughout the country is chupe de pescado, or fish and vegetable soup. If you want to be adventurous, you can try yaguarlocro, which is a potato soup with blood. Another soup that is popular in Ecuador is caldo de pata, which is made from boiled cow hooves. It is popular among men as they believe it has aphrodisiac properties.

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Food From Ecuador




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