What Is The Capital Of Ecuador ?  

The capital of Ecuador is the beautiful city of Quito. The city located between mountains on a horizontal strip of land.

It is known for its hospitality, historical monuments, parks, winding streets and beautiful squares.The city was founded in 1534, when the first 204 inhabitants decided to settle there. At that time the city's limits were formed by Cerro del Panecillo, Plaza de San Blas, Volcan Pichincha and Plaza de la Marin. It goes without saying that the city much larger in present times. Quito witnessed growth in the early part of the 20th century.

In 1978, the city was made into a World Heritage sit, and in 1980, the La Mariscal area was developed for the tourists. Avenues like Patria, Colon, Amazonas and 6 de Diciembre were built during that time.

From any point in the city, you can get a breath-taking view. The city is surrounded by snow covered mountains, and within the city limits you have beautiful and magnificent churches that have withstood the rigors of time.

Most tourists head for the Old Town of the city. Here you will find that the design is made as per Spanish towns with a plaza in the center of the Old Town. Around the plaza you will find many cathedrals and the Presidential Palace. The Palacio de Gobierno Cathedral neighboring the plaza is the oldest cathedral in entire South America. Many of the leaders and heroes who took part in the fight for independence are buried within the precincts of the cathedral.

You can also visit the Monastery of San Francisco on Plaza San Francisco. It is the oldest colonial building in the city, and it is home to Museo Franciscano. Here you can see old furniture, art and paintings. In the same area there is the La Compania church that is decorated with gold.

There are many old churches and monasteries in the Old Town area of Quito. They are all worth a visit.

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What Is The Capital Of Ecuador




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