Tourism In Falkland Islands  

Tourism In Falkland Islands

                The Falkland Islands has been kept untouched by development, and it is considered to be one of the last untouched havens in the world where you can observe wildlife and nature in their natural elements. The Islands are blessed with cliffs and beaches that are homes to hundreds of species of animals and birds.This would explain why tourism in Falkland Islands is booming, and each year people come from all over the globe to marvel at the unspoilt habitat that the islands have to offer, and click photographs that most probably are not possible anywhere else in the world.

Imagine watching an albatross flying gracefully over the azure sea or elephant seals holding friendly fights or the Cobb's wren hopping merrily looking for food along the shoreline? All this and much more is possible at Falkland Islands. You can even see killer whales and king penguins in their natural habitat.However, tourism in Falkland Islands is much more than just wildlife. You can even take part in outdoor sports like running in a marathon, playing golf, hiking across hilly terrains or fishing for trout in rivers, streams and estuaries. You need to get out of the capital city of Stanley to really enjoy Falklands outdoor life.More...



Weather In Falkland Islands

Weather In Falkland Islands                Falkland Islands is made up two main islands, namely the East Falkland and West Falkland. The East Falkland is the island where the capital city of Stanley is located. It is also the most populated part of the island. Both islands are blessed with mountain ranges, and Mount Usborne is the highest mountain range located on East Falkland. In addition, at the southern part of East Falkland are boggy plains. Nearly all parts of Falkland Islands are used to rear sheep.

The best time of the year to be in Falkland Islands is during summer, which is from December to February. These months are the warmest, and you will see a lot of activity from the wildlife. However, you can visit the Islands during different months. For instance, if you want to watch elephant seal pubs, then you should visit the Islands during October and November, while Megallanic penguins are in plenty during the March and April, when winter is setting in. The winter months in Falkland Islands are perfect for walking and trekking up hills. In addition, the skies are blue and air is cold, but crisp. In addition, certain events like the May Ball and Liberation Day are held during the winter months. These events are perfect opportunities to get to know the local culture.More...





South America:

What-Country-Controls-The-Falkland-Islands      The Falkland Islands is a group of islands, or archipelago, located in the South Atlantic Ocean. The Islands are around 300 miles or 480 kilometers from the mainland of South America. It is around 700 miles from Antarctica. The islands considered to be overseas territory of the United Kingdom with their own government. More..




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