Food Customs Of Guyana  

Guyana, one of the most beautiful places, is known as "The Land of Many Waters". The country is a blend of many cultures like Europeans, Portuguese, Indians and Amerindians.

The Guyanese food habits reflect ethnic preferences. Various other groups in Guyana show preference to the Creole foods created by the Africans.People of Guyana show a liking towards dishes made from ground provisions. Crab or fish soups with plantains, dasheens, cassava, coconut milk, rice with black eyed peas constitute the national menu. Pig's tail, green plantain and cassarep, besides all these, Indian curries and Indian rotis also form a part of the food that most the people of Guyana love to eat and serve.

Guyanese, they show different food habits because of the different groups of the people. Most of the African Guyanese, at ceremonial occasions, have Creole whereas Hindu Guyanese have vegetarian curries
It is said that Guyanese are very particular about whom they invite. They do not want those who wait for the invitations. They really dislike such people. And, when you get an invitation from them, then what they do not expect from you is this: "you should not go there before time".

Reaching early at the place would reflect eagerness to gobble the food which most of the Guyanese consider it to be bad. So, when Guyanese invite you, you should go, but you should there some fifteen or twenty minutes late. And, when you sit with them to eat you are supposed to exhibit the most genteel nature as the Guyanese take into consideration everything when it comes to inviting the person the next time.

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Food Customs Of Guyana




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