Independence In Guyana  

Guyanese were slaves. They led their lives as slaves for a number of years. Guyana was ruled over by Spanish, Dutch and British.

After so many years of slave life, people of Guyana struggled and sought freedom and formed a republic. Guyana gained independence in the year 1966, and it became republic in the year 1970.Spanish invasion in Guyana was not a threat to the people in the beginning, but later as the years rolled by, people of Guyana became puppets in the hands of the Spanish. Dutch ruled over them after Spain lost its control over the people. The first European settlement, a trading post, was established by the Dutch. On the pretext of trade, Dutch soon got acquisition of territory. It was in the early 17th century that the Dutch got control over Guyana. Later after many years, the English invaded and on the same pretext aimed at gaining control over Guyana. Guyanese then decided to free themselves, and they waged a battle for freedom, freedom of their own people.

The long battle of blood and toil ended, and finally Guyanese sought independence from their oppressive rulers who on the pretext of business, aimed at making them their slaves for long years. Those who fought for the freedom of Guyana are immortalized as the heroes of Guyana. They are living in the minds and hearts of the people.

Guyana declared itself a Co-operative Republic on February 23, 1970. Forbes Burnham was elected as the president of Guyana. He led Guyana until his death, and even after his death.

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Independence In Guyana




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