Activities And Events In Mexico  

Mexico is one of the most picturesque tourist destinations of the world owing not only to the wonders of nature but also to the diverse activities that it has to offer. One can build sand castles on the Puerto Vallarta beaches and watch street performers or one could be a part of the many beach dances hosted there. Booze cruises and snorkeling trips attract many people every day. One can take up a plane tour of the once, indigenous settlements in remote areas.

If you are looking for quiet boat rides or even for the adrenalin rush of parasailing, then you must head to the Acapulco beach. After the hurricane in 2005 Cancun Beach was re-established, as a luxury tourist destination where one can hire kayaks for a trip to the lagoons, also this area has numerous theme parks and archaeological sites to interest tourists. You can live your dream of being a cowboy by living at one of the luxury ranches that offer adventure and fine dining all at the same time. Los Manchones and other reefs provide marine structures that make for a great diving experience. The volcanic mountains covered in snow are scenic to climb.

If fine art is your area of interest, then you should not miss the ballet performances at the Palace of Fine Arts in Mexico City. One can look towards recreating the magic of Venice by hiring Gondola to cruise through the canals of Xochimilico. For those interested in shopping, Mexico has no dearth of such opportunities. Silverware, furniture, gold, chocolate ceramics and pottery, scarves and other souvenirs are available everywhere. Though, each city has its own specialty – silver can be bought from Taxco, gold and chocolate from Oaxaca as well as scarves and wool.

Like other Latin American countries the nightlife in Mexico begins late as well -- from midnight to early hours of the morning. Apart from all the things that one can look forward to doing in this country, Mexico also has numerous events steeped in culture that one can be a part of. These could be religious ceremonies like those on the day of the Virgin of Charity, the Semana Santa, day of the Virgin Guadalupe or festive ones like the Fiesta of San Isidro and the flower festival at Cuernavaca. Mexico hosts the Monterrey International Film Festival.

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Activities And Events In Mexico




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