History Of The Jews In Mexico  

Jews have been living in Mexico since the time of their inquisition. At present the total number of people belonging to this community is much more than 50,000 who are primarily living in Mexico City itself. Other communities can be found in other places such as state of Jalisco, Monterrey, Culiacán, Veracruz, and Tijuana.

Jews have been existence in Mexico since Hernan Cortes had conquered the Aztecs, being accompanied by many other Conversos. After certain point of time, Jews were seen their escaping the inquisition. Quite few of Spanish Jews were even forced to get converted to Catholicism but then many other maintained keeping up their religious practices.

Just because of the power of Catholic Church in Mexico, many of the Jews had migrated there at times of the Spanish Colonial period. During the 1860s, large numbers of the German Jews got settled in Mexico City as they were invited by the Maximilian I. Also in 1880, several other Jews from Romania and Russia came to Mexico. More Jews got added to the population of Mexico when the collapse of Ottoman Empire led to the migration of Jews from various parts such as Morocco, France, and Turkey.

Today, Mexico City is one of the highly populated cities in terms of Jews. The population is much likely to increase in the future years. There are various different sectors in these Jewish communities in Mexico City and the largest of them includes the Ashkenazi community. Majority of the Jews are concentrated in Mexico City, though several groups are found in nearby areas as well.

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History Of The Jews In Mexico




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