Traditional Foods Of Mexico  

Traditional foods of Mexico City vary on the basis of the cities and the proximity to oceans. The city is known for its various seafood dishes and it has also had an impact on the traditional foods of Mexico, and its influence can be felt throughout the city.

Traditional foods include some of the most amazing seafood dishes such as ceviche. It is basically a raw fish which is very fresh and is usually diced. This is not really cooked. In fact, the protein is coagulated with the use of salt along with the acidity of limes. Several other flavorings such as garlic, onion, chilies, and cilantro are also used in its preparation. Caldo de cabeza de Pescado, which refers to a fish head soup, is also amongst the most popular traditional foods of Mexico.

There are many meat dishes that can be counted under this list, as people here are really found of them. Some of these traditional dishes would include chicken, goat, and pork. Huaxmole is one dish that is prepared out of the pork ribs wherein the succulent ribs need to be cooked slowly in the mole sauce. Barbacoa de Chivo is also very popular among people, and it is basically a goat which has been grilled and is most commonly served with rice and corn tortillas. Aporreado is a very popular breakfast food that is actually pork pieces mixed with the eggs, cumin, garlic, and chilies.

There are several other traditional foods as well, but the most important and the most delicious out of the best have been mentioned here.

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Traditional Foods Of Mexico




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