What Do People Wear In Mexico ?  

There is not much difference in the American and Mexican clothing especially in big cities such as Guadalajara, Mexico City and Monterrey. The people of Mexico are swathed in t-shirts, blouses, jeans, shirts, skirts and khakis during the warmer months of the year. These also include the formal wear- suits made of cotton and jute. Nylon and Polyester are clearly avoided in this weather while hats and caps are recommended.

It is only in villages and smaller towns that you will see people dressed in traditional Mexican clothes. The urban cities have amalgamated with the American and Canadian fashion culture to a very far extent. The only time the large cities drape in customary clothes is during festivals and other special events. Men wear trousers and cotton shirts with sandals called huaraches. They also sport sombrero, a big traditional brimmed hat. Cold and rainy weather changes their outfit to ponchos. The women in the village might or not wear footwear. Long skirts and blouses is what the women invariably wear in the villages.

Rebozo, a bordered shawl is what they usually wrap their heads with. They also use it to tie their kids on their backs. There is a variation in dresses with the different regions in Mexico. People are dressed in mariachis in the “Baijo” or Jalisco region. Similarly, huipil or tehuana dresses are very common among the women of southern Mexico. The northern region sees more of the American taste in the form of Texan hats, jeans and boots.

Despite the fading of own culture overtime, wearing shorts and skirts up to the knee can also be measured as revealing in a cathedral. Similarly, semi-transparent and tank tops are not a fashion among people of inland.

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What Do People Wear In Mexico ?




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What Do People Wear In Mexico ? )
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