What Kind Of Government Does Mexico Have ?  

The government of Mexico is a federation which is republican, democratic and representative. It stands on the presidential system laid down by the Mexican 1917 Constitution. The Federal Union, State Governments and Municipal Governments are the three stratums Mexican Constitution has established for the administration of the country. The officials in all three levels are elected by the people through proportional representation, first-past-the-post plurality or are selected by senior bureaucrats.

The Federal Government comprises of the three arms of government called Powers of the Union. These are: the Judiciary, the Executive and the Legislature. They have their own judicial and civil codes.

The Legislature is a two-chambered Congress of the Union encompassing a Senate and a Chamber of Deputies. The Executive is essentially the President of the country who is also considered as the leader of the state, highest commanding officer of the armed services, and the government head. He is accountable for the execution and enforcement of law and holds the exclusive rights to veto any bill. He also chooses the Cabinet of ministers. The current President of Mexico is Felipe Calderon.

The Supreme Court of Justice consists of 11 judges, who are appointed by the president with the consent of the Senate composes the Judiciary. The Judiciary also consists of Electoral Tribunal, unitary and district tribunals, collegiate and Board of the Federal Judiciary. 128 members form the Mexican Senate. Elected in pairs, two representing each state and 2 for Federal District, account to sixty-four senators. The administrators of the Executive and Legislative levels of the government are elected to the post by direct popular vote.

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What Kind Of Government Does Mexico Have ?




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What Kind Of Government Does Mexico Have ? )
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