When Did Mexico Gain Independence ?  

The Mexicans got their independence after an 11 year long war waging from 1810 to 1820 against the Spanish. The movement which finally led to this war broke out on 16th September 1810 and was led by two Mexican-born Spaniards, Amerindians and Mestizos. Though the movement began as an optimistic peasants' revolt against the colonial rulers it ended as an improbable coalition between Mexican guerrilla rebels and Mexican ex-royalists.

The foundation of the Mexican War of Independence was laid by Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, a Mexican priest. He declared warfare against the government and independence from the colonization of Spain in what is called the Grito de Dolores. This revolutionary army was determined to fight for independence. The divided armies of Hidalgo and Allende were defeated effortlessly. Though Miguel Hidalgo’s force faced and won over the Spanish in the Battle of Monte de Las Cruces on October 30th it was defeated in Mexico City. The Spanish forced the rebels to run towards the US and Mexican border in 1811 in January. Hidalgo and his soldiers were detained at Wells of Baján in Coahuila. His and Allende’s heads were displayed cautioning Mexicans about their fate if they turned rebellious. José María Morelos occupied Acapulco and Oaxaca after Hidalgo’s death. On 6th November 1818, the Congress of Chilpancingo, after its assembly signed the very first official document pertaining to independence, called the "Solemn Act of the Declaration of Independence of Northern America". A war at the Siege of Cuautla was what followed this development.

Colonel Iturbide who led the last government movement against the rebels in December of 1820, and the Spanish council penned the Treaty of Córdoba on 24 August 1821. The Army of the 3 Guarantees on September 27th penetrated the Mexico City; and Iturbide declared the Mexican Empire as New Spain free on the following day.

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When Did Mexico Gain Independence ?




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