Chihuahua Tourist Attractions  

Chihuahua has numerous sights and attractions for tourists that come to visit this place from across various regions around the globe. One among the most popular is the Hidalgo’s Dungeon. Hidalgo's Dungeon derives historic significance from the fact that a priest, Father Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla who initiated the War of Independence on September 15, 1810 was imprisoned by the Spanish in this dungeon for about 98 days.

He was later shot along with his lieutenants Allende, Jiménez and Aldama. They were beheaded after which their heads were hung inside iron cages for nine and a half years on each of the four corners of the Alhóndiga granary in Guanajuato, warning revolutionaries of their fate.

Other tourist attractions in the place are as follows:

  • Chihuahua's Cathedral: Chihuahua's Cathedral, built out of pink quarry sandstone is the quintessential of baroque in the entire northern Mexico. This impressive church is a 3-nave structure with two identical, 131 feet high towers and an imposing dome similar to Saint Peter's Basilica stand out. Since its funds were diverted to the warfare with the Comanches and Apaches, this cathedral took almost hundred years to construct. Its stunning interior tinted with crystal Venetian, huge altars of Carrara marble and quarry marble and a gigantic German organ are few of the features which make it stand apart from the rest of its kinds.
  • Gameros Country Estate: This impressive two storey mansion is the brainchild of Manuel Gameros, an engineer from Chihuahua who meant to reside here with his family. But due to the Mexican Revolution, they had to escape to El Paso in Texas. Meanwhile, the house was transformed into militants’ headquarters. Later, in the year 1958, Quinta Gameros was suited to be the belonging of the National Anthropology and History Institute which converted it into the State Regional Museum. The property's chief level houses Paquime culture's artwork and artifacts made by other significant local artists.
  • Puerta de Chihuahua: The creation of a famed local sculptor, Sebastian, Puerta de Chihuahua is an extraordinary metal monument embracing red geometric figures. It gains world’s recognition in being one of the tallest structures and is situated on a highway leading to Delicias. It is one of the distinguished symbols of Chihuahua.

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Chihuahua Tourist Attractions




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