Interesting Facts About Suriname  

Suriname is the smallest sovereign state in South America. The former name of Suriname is Nederland Guyana or Netherlands Guiana or Dutch Guiana.

Officially, the country is referred to as the Republic of Suriname. Paramaribo is the capital city of Suriname, and it is one of its largest cities.Dutch is the official language of the people of Suriname. Most of the people here they speak Dutch and besides Dutch English, Sranang, Tongo, Hindustani, Chinese, French, Spanish and Javanese are also spoken. After Dutch, English speaking, Hindustani-speaking and Chinese-speaking people are more.

Majority of the people are Roman Catholics. They are more in number, but other religions are also practiced. Religions like Hinduism, Islam, and Christianity are also common. Hindustani, Creole, Indonesian, maroon, native American, Chinese and Europeans are the main ethnic groups. Surinamese dollar is the currency of this place. Suriname got its independence in the year 1975 on 25 November.  Three largest cities in Suriname are lelydorp, Nieuw Nickerie and the capital city of Suriname that is Paramaribo. 

Suriname was claimed by Spanish in the year 1593. Slavery was brought to an end in the year 1863. In the year 1916 Aluminum Company of Suriname started its mining operations for the first time. Christopher Columbus was the first person who sighted Suriname in the year 1498 while he was in the service of Spain. Industrially Suriname is not lagging behind. Besides gold mining industries, bauxite, alumina production, oil, lumbering and food processing are a few of the many industries in Suriname.

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Interesting Facts About Suriname




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Famous-Landmarks-In-Suriname      Suriname is the smallest sovereign state in South America. Officially it is called republic of Suriname. It was formerly known as Netherlands Guyana, or Dutch Guiana. Suriname is known for its many famous landmarks. The land in Suriname is covered by rainforest. It is rich in flora and fauna.  It is also known as the beating heart of the Amazon. More..




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