Famous People From Uruguay  

Although the country is small, Uruguay has a rich tradition of art and literature.

The country has produced many writers, artists and musicians, some of whom have gone on to get international recognition and fame.One of the most well known artists from Uruguay is Carlos Paez Vilaro. He is an abstract painter and a sculpture. His best known work is Casapueblo. His home, located cloase to Punta del Este, is known as a livable sculpture, and attracts thousands of people from all over the world. Carlos Paez Vilaro is known for his Afro-Uruguayan art.

However, the first Uruguayan painter to receive international recognition was Juan Manuel Blanes from the 19th century. He painted works that showed historical events of Uruguay. While Pedro Figari, a post-impressionist painter, caught international attention for his beautifully crafted pastel depicting people from Montevideo and rural settings. Leandro Silva Delgado, a landscape architect, excelled in coming different elements of art and nature to garner international fame.

Another famous person from Uruguay is Marcelo Bertalmio. His movie Los dias con Ana that came out in 2000 was well accepted internationally, and won many awards in different film festivals.

One of the most famous tangos to come out of Uruguay is La Cumparsita. This composition came out way back in 1917, and was composed by Gerardo Matos Rodriguez, who was from Uruguay.

Most probably the most famous literary figure from Uruguay is Jose Enrique Rodo, who penned the beautiful Ariel in 1900. The book deals with the necessity to keep spiritual values while going after material things and technical progress. In addition, the book also lays emphasis on how important it is to resist control of European and US cultures, which are quite powerful.

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Famous People From Uruguay




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