Main Food Of Uruguay  

Food of Uruguay is seen a uniting factor between Uruguayans immaterial which part of the world they live in.

In fact, some of the main foods of Uruguay are part of the country's rich culture and tradition. The typical flavors and tastes of Uruguayan food are quite difficult to duplicate in any other part of the word.One can say that the main food of Uruguay is the asado. This dish is made up of a particular variety of meat known as tira de asado, and it is cooked chorizos in a special type of oven known as parrillero. The taste of this dish is just outstanding, and no words can explain the delicious and mouthwatering flavor this dish has.

Another main food of Uruguay is the Milanesa. This dish consists of meat covered with milled bread and eggs. The meat is then fried. No visit to Uruguay is completel if you do not taste the chivito. This is a type of sandwich that is made from meat. It also has many other items like bacon, tomatoes, eggs, olives, onions, mayonnaise, cheese and ketchup. The sandwich can be customized depending on different palates.

If you visit a Uruguayan's house, you should take yerba mate tea. This is an infusion that is made using the yerba mate bark and had just like tea. This brew is omnipresent in all homes in Uruguay. Another dish that should not be missed by people who have a sweet tooth is the dulce de leche. This is a creamy sweet dish, which can be eaten on its own or along with bread or cookies.

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Main Food Of Uruguay




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