Religion Of Uruguay  

In Uruguay, since 1917, the church and state have been separated by the law, which let people free to choose their religion.

However, approximately 23 percent of the people there have their trust in God without following any certain religion. Around 47 percent are Roman Catholics, but do not go to the church regularly. Around 11 percent of them are known as Protestant, 17 percent of the population is agnostic, and 0.6 percent of them follow African religions.As per the figures suggested by Mormon Church, out of the total population, 90,000 Mormons are there in the country. This roughly translates to around 2.6 percent of the population. This statistics makes Uruguay the second country with the largest Mormon population. The first position is held by Chile.

It is a well known fact that most of the people are secular, and the act just as a member of the church rather than performing a religious role. This mentality spills over from the broad thinking attitude that most Uruguayans have. In both ways, being part of the church, but not acting as a typical follower, people knowingly or unknowingly develop their state of mental health.

The latest study explains different figures. According to the recent scenario, Roman Catholics cover 52 percent of the population, 30 percent of the people are mixture of some small community followers and the people who do not believe in any religion, 16 percent are Protestants and 2 percent are Jewish.

Islam is also followed by 0.01 percent of the total Uruguayan population.

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Religion Of Uruguay




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