What Is The Capital Of Uruguay ?  

Montevideo is the capital, main port and the biggest city of Uruguay. The city was established in 1726, and a few years following its foundation, Montevideo became the largest city of the region.

One of the chief attractions of Montevideo is Ciudad Vieja or the Old City. It is located near the city center, with ancient buildings with grand architectural styles and innumerable balconies. You can buy local crafts from artisans along Peatonal Sarandi, the main walking street in the city.

Located just next to the Plaza Matríz, visit the La Pasiva restaurant for its popular mustard with hot dogs. If you are in the mood for fine dining, check out the Tavern La Corte next door, with its gourmet meats and live music. Calle 18 de Julio is the city’s downtown, with stores selling shoes, food and lots more. Since these places are mainly meant for the local crowd, the prices are a bit on the lower side.

La Rambla is a prettily constructed boardwalk that stretches along the beaches and rocks, ideal for evening walks. The people of Montevideo love spending time outside, and La Rambla is also a favorite spot for drinking tea with friends. For your shopping needs, Punta Carretas may be the perfect place, especially if you are looking for some trendy mall shopping. It is a modern shopping center built on a site which used to be a prison, but you will never know it by the current look of the place.

Montevideo is blessed with a rich architectural heritage and has a large number of writers, artists, and musicians. The tango of Uruguay is said to have originated in Montevideo during the late 1800s.

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What Is The Capital Of Uruguay




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