When Did Uruguay Gain Independence ?  

Among all the countries in Latin America, Uruguay has shown comparatively more rapid growth. The country does not seem to have any effect derived by the shaky politics and the dominant military in the 20th century.

Charrúa were the major population, before Spanish colonists came here. Marks of the survival means, like fishing and hunting of Charrua can still be seen.

In 1516, Juan Díaz de Solís occupied Río de la Plata. Most of them are said to be killed by either Charrúa or the Guaraní; because they were the territory owners at the time. But further, a smooth flow of symbiotic trade relations and colonization of Spanish, English and Portuguese occurred.

The Spanish, in this healthy competition, developed themselves in a better manner. It was made possible, because they had their cattle as a good resource. Montevideo is one of the best results of the booming improvement of Spanish colonists. The beautiful city was established in early 1700s, which is also known as the capital of Uruguay today.

It is said that the modern Uruguayan society is a brain child of José Batlle y Ordóñez, former president of Uruguay. He implemented two terms of office from 1903-07 and 1911-15 for the same. These efforts made Uruguay capable to become a milestone for rest of the world.

After several years of struggle for independence, Uruguay finally achieved it in 1820s.
In 1960s the country was at the peak of negative drivers like corruption unemployment etc. Attempts made in 1967 and 1973 were not up to the mark. Finally the president, Julio María Sanguinetti joined the stream to change its way.

The continuous efforts are still being made by Jorge Batlle, the current president.

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When Did Uruguay Gain Independence




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