Places To Visit In Venezuela  

A holiday in Venezuela will leave you with pleasant mainland and island memories.

The country has wildlife and greenery, and the lovely tropical climate. Venezuela is also one of the most urban hot spots of Latin America.Both wildlife enthusiasts and art lovers love Venezuela as it offers everything from art, culture and heritage to thrilling outdoor pursuits. Central Venezuela has the large cities frequented by tourists, like Miranda and Vargas. One of the country’s most unique sights is the Angel Falls located in Guiana Highlands, which is the highest waterfall in the world.

One of the biggest tourist attractions of Venezuela, the area is also known for its landscape, as you have grasslands, dense jungle, rivers, as well as majestic mountains in the region. Tourists love coming here for the tropical wildlife too.

Coro, the first capital of Venezuela, is the place to visit for witnessing rich colonial architecture of the area, while Merida is beautiful with the Andes Mountains as its backdrop. Caracas is a most tourist attraction of Venezuela, with its mountains and hillsides. Los Llanos is a must visit for nature-lovers, and they come here with eager expectation, since it is common to see critters, anaconda, caiman and wildcats at.

If you want to see the islands attached to the country, make sure you include a visit to the Windward Islands, one of the largest yacht charter companies in the whole world. These guys can easily arrange crewed charters for you. Head towards southern Venezuela and explore the wilderness of tropical forests and jungle rivers. These areas were also home to many ancient tribes like the Yanomami. Finally, stop at the Orinoco Delta and check out the rainforests, mangroves, and natural canals.

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Places To Visit In Venezuela




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