Things To Do In Pittsburg PA  

The beautiful city of Pittsburgh, PA, has something for everyone. With things available for all age groups, you will definitely enjoy your holiday in this city, which is home to so many universities.

Here is a list of some of the things to do in Pittsburgh, PA, the next you go there for a holiday with your friends or family.

  • Pittsburgh has some of the best funiculars you will find in the entire US. These were built in the late 1800s and were used to transport immigrant workers from factories to the top of Mount Washington. Even today, the people use the funicular to reach their homes but you can also ride on them and get a beautiful view of the entire city. The two funiculars in Pittsburgh are called Duquesne Incline and Monongahela Incline. The most popular is Duquesne Incline, which also doubles up as a museum.
  • When you visit Pittsburgh, you have to visit the Point State Park. The park has a 275-foot geyser and is considered to be one of the tallest in the country. The geyser is fed water by an aquifer, which is nearly 53 feet under the ground. Then, there is also the PPG Palace, which is a Gothic skyscraper made entirely from glass, and the Fort Pitt Block House and Museum.
  • Carnegie Museums has many museums dedicated to different topics. Of course, children would love the Museum of Natural History, reputed to have one of the best collections of dinosaur fossils. Children and adults would love the Carnegie Science Center, where they can try over 250 interactive science and technology exhibits.
  • Kennywood is one of the two amusement parks in the United States that is declared a National Historic Landmark. Most people visit this amusement park to enjoy the rollercoaster ride. Kennywood has just 4 roller coasters -- Jack Rabbit, Racer, Phantom's Revenge and Thunderbolt, which is considered to be the best wooden rollercoaster in the entire world. In addition, there are other rides and games that you can enjoy at Kennywood.

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Things To Do In Pittsburg Pa






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