Obtaining a United States Passport   

       If you never get as U.S. passport before, you must visit US government passport office in person. There are over 8000 US passport office in the U.S. You will need the proof of your U.S. citizenship, two photographs, and a identification like driver’s license.

       Furthermore, you will need to visit passport office in person, if you lost your passport; if your passport has expired; if it was issued over fifteen years ago. If you are minors, you will need both of your parents or legal guardians’ consent. More...

Visa :

- Australia - Belarus - Brazil
- Canada - Dubai - England
- Fiji - Guinea Bissau - Hong Kong
- Isreal - Korea - France
- German - Greece - Japan
- Indonesia - Mexico - Norway
- Philippines - Russia - Scotland
- Singapore - Sweden - Thailand
- Vietnam - Trinidad and Tobago  

How Much Does A Passport Cost ?

How Much Does A Passport Cost

These days it has become very important to own a passport and even if you do not use it for the purpose of travel it still serves as a valid proof of identity. Today in the global world a man without a passport is almost considered as a man without a country. The application process for the American passport is quite a simple process and can easily be done at the local post office.More...


How Long Does It Take To Get A Passport ?

How Long Does It Take To Get A Passport

If you are a US citizen, you require a valid passport to travel out of the country. Earlier US citizens traveling to Canada and Mexico could do so just with a photo identity but now the laws have changed and you have to show your passport at the border or your port of disembarkation.



Obtaining A Mexican Passport

Obtaining A Mexican Passport

In order to get a Mexican passport, there are certain requirements that you need to fulfill. One of the requirements for obtaining a Mexican passport is that you have to be living in Mexico or be a resident of the country. The other requirement for naturalizing under the Mexican law for obtaining a Mexican passport is that you have been living in the country for at least 2 years. More...



Reasons Passports Are Denied

Reasons Passports Are Denied

According to a new regulation passed by the US authorities, US citizens traveling by air now need to carry their passports with them. This has made a lot of people who previously did not own passports to apply for one. However, there are many who are being denied passports. More...



What Does A Passport Look Like ?

What Does A Passport Look Like

A passport is issued by the Department of State in the US. This document is extremely important if you want to travel abroad. Basically a passport establishes that you are a citizen of the United States and guarantees your entry back to the US upon your return from an International trip. More...


Where Is Us Government Passport Office ?

Where Is Us Government Passport Office

So, you are planning your first international trip? However, without a passport you will not be able to go abroad. That is why you need to know where the US government passport office is.






What-Countries-Require-Passports      If you are wondering what countries require passports, read on. US citizens require a passport no matter which country they may be traveling to by air. However, if traveling by land or sea within North America a passport is not required to enter Canada and Mexico. More..




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