Do I Need A Passport To Fly To Mexico ?   

Do I need a passport to fly to Mexico? Yes, it is strongly advised that all Americans who are traveling to Mexico should do so along with a passport. Having a passport while traveling to Mexico does have its own benefits like your bank and credit card transactions are facilitated easily.

A passport is a conclusive proof of identity and citizenship. Until 2006 Americans could enter Mexico with the help of a government issued ID and a proof of citizenship like a birth certificate in case you were born in the United States. The alternatives used were also naturalization certificate.

Why Do I need a Passport to fly to Mexico?

Since January 2007 it has become mandatory to carry passport to travel to Mexico. This change was probably made because it was getting difficult to update the naturalization records between the governments and the accountability was dwindling. A passport is a much easier way of identifying as it will not only be current but it is also the easiest document to verify.  However, American citizens do no need a Visa to enter the country. The Mexican government based on the ID proof will provide a blue tourist card which provides as the visa. The maximum time period you will be allowed to stay is 90 days. The purpose of visit varies in many cases like for some it might be business, study and sometimes it is for work. Based on the purpose the visa requirements might vary. One can find the related information on the Mexican embassy website though.

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Do I Need A Passport To Fly To Mexico




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