How Much Does A Passport Cost ?   

These days it has become very important to own a passport and even if you do not use it for the purpose of travel it still serves as a valid proof of identity.

Today in the global world a man without a passport is almost considered as a man without a country. The application process for the American passport is quite a simple process and can easily be done at the local post office.

How much does a passport cost? Not much actually and the passport is processed for a nominal fee by the Passport Agency. There are different kinds of services offered by the passport agencies to suit the convenience of the applicants.

A basic passport book for people 16 years and older would be $75 and an additional $25 charged as an execution fee and the total processing fee is $100.  For people aged less than 16 years, the passport application fee is $60 and an additional $25 execution fee coming to the total of $85. You can pay for your passport application using a credit card, debit card, check card, money orders and bank drafts. The easiest ways to apply for a passport is by downloading the necessary documents from the US government passport website and submit it at the local post office. However, it is important to fill the passport application without any errors in order to receive it promptly. The passport is delivered to the mailing address you mentioned in the application form within 3 weeks from the date of application.

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How Much Does A Passport Cost




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