Requirements To Apply For Canadian Visa  

People eligible to visit Canada should have some travel documents that are required to enter the country.  A valid document like a passport is required to enter the country. Also people visiting Canada from the United States need to show their American passport as proof to enter back into the United States after visiting Canada. The passport is the most valid document of travel available for Americans visiting Canada.

In most cases they do not ask for medical records but in case at the time of entry if you are sick, you may be refused entry. In order to gain entry into the country it is important to be in good health.

When you are interviewed by the immigration officer, it is important to prove that you intend to return to your country and you need to show some proof in effect to that.  It could be in the form of family, job, property and a home. Anything that can be used to prove that you have no intentions in immigration.

You have to show sufficient funds to sustain your stay in Canada including the insurance. You also need to indicate where you will be staying and give the address of the location you will be staying at.

Most people visiting from the United States do not need a visa for a minimum stay period of 3 weeks. However, they do need to establish their identity and also prove that they are just visiting for the said purpose in the travel documents. In case the stay period is extended beyond the stipulated time of 3 weeks, then they will need to apply for a temporary visa with relevant documents.

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Requirements To Apply For Canadian Visa




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