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American citizens do not need a visa to travel to Israel. Once on reaching Israel people with American passport are automatically given a 3 month stay in the country. However people would need a visa to extend their stay and also citizens with a re-entry permit need to apply for visa while visiting Israel. There are two kinds of Israel visa -- tourist visa and business visa. Each one has its own requirements.

Israel Tourist Visa Requirements:
Israel tourist visa is for people who want to visit the country as tourists. You have to apply for this type of visa for sightseeing or religious holiday. In order to apply for the Israel tourist visa, one would need the following documents to process the application.

  • A United States passport with a minimum of 6 months validity from the date of entry into the country is required.
  • A visa application form with the applicable visa application fee
  • 2 passport sized photographs also needs to be submitted
  • In case the person is still not a citizen but traveling from the United States, then they also need to show documents like Green Card along with the passport.
  • Onward and return journey tickets need to be attached
  • You need to provide bank statements to prove that you have sufficient funds to sustain your stay in the country.

A tourist visa is completely different from a business and you should not apply for one if you intend to visit Israel for business. Most documents for business visa a similar to tourist visa with a few additions.

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