Visa Requirement For Tourist To Indonesia  

To visit Indonesia, American passport holders do not require a visa. Therefore a visa requirement for tourists to Indonesia does not apply if you are an American citizen or a Green Card holder. However, this rule does not apply for tourists from most other countries.

Even an American passport holder has to satisfy some conditions on reaching Indonesia in order to gain entry into the country.

All US citizens must have at least 6 months validity as a minimum period on the date of arrival in Indonesia. In case the validity is less then 6 months then you should take care to renew the passport before traveling to Indonesia.

The minimum stay period without a visa allowed for US citizens is 30 days and beyond that everyone needs to apply for a visa to travel or stay in Indonesia.

To fulfill the visa requirement for tourist to Indonesia, the following documents are required:  

  • A valid passport with minimum 6 months validity
  • 2 duly filled application forms
  • 2 passport sized photographs have to be attached with both the application forms.
  • A copy of the travel plan or the group tour has to be provided along with the list of accommodation has to be provided along with the application form.
  • Bank statements and credit card statements have to be provided for proof of financial support while you are staying in Indonesia. The proof of financial support can be directly provided on your name or on the name of the person who is supporting you.
  • Along with the visa application the appropriate visa fees would apply.

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Visa Requirement For Tourist To Indonesia




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