Visa Requirement Morocco  

Citizens of the United States need a visa if they want to visit Morocco and stay more than 90 days. However, visits that are 90 days or shorter, do not require visas and the person just has to ensure that he or she has a valid passport with a minimum validity of 6 months. For nationals of most other countries, a visa is required and you will have to get the visa before leaving your home country.

Visa requirement for visiting Morocco are as follows:  

  • A visa application form that has to be filled and signed
  • 4 recent passport size photographs
  • 3 additional copies of the application form have to be made after filling up the application form and attached to the original form.
  • The original passport along with a copy of it has to be submitted and it should have pages left for stamping the visa and also 6 months validity from the date of arrival in Morocco.
  • Arrival and departure tickets have to be provided along with the visa application and an e-ticket or internet based ticket is not accepted as proof. If you are traveling to any other country from Morocco, then the detailed tour plan should be submitted with visa application.
  • A confirmed hotel accommodation with proof of reservation and payment in advance.
  • You also need to submit a notarized letter of employment
  • And finally you would have to furnish proof of financial stability by way of credit card and bank statements.

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Visa Requirement Morocco




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