Visa Requirements For A Traveling To Guinea Bissau  

Guinea Bissau is a popular destination for many people visiting western Africa. This tiny nation, though underdeveloped, has managed to promote tourism with a lot of vigor. Many people use Guinea Bissau as a base when they are visiting the neighboring countries of Senegal and Guinea.

It is indeed worth visiting this country to see what destruction a civil war can bring to a country. Today nearly two thirds of the population lives below the poverty line but this fact does not seem to bother many tourists who come here to find out more about the erstwhile Kingdom of Gabu.  

If you are planning to visit this tiny former Portuguese colony, you should know visa requirements for traveling to Guinea Bissau. The documents required for getting a visa for Guinea Bissau are as follows:

  • Original passport with 6 months validity. The passport should have sufficient blank pages so that visa can be stamped.
  • One visa application form that has been correctly filled and signed
  • 2 regular passport size pictures need to be submitted along with the application form.
  • To and fro confirmed airline ticket. Eticket is not acceptable.
  • Proof of financial stability by way of bank statements
If you plan to extend your visa after the stay period is over, then you need to still provide the ticket details that are dated for a future date as proof of exit from the country. All details that you provide thereafter should be in the form of originals. Once again you would have to provide bank statements for visa extension to show that you can financially support yourself during your stay in the country.  

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Visa Requirements For A Traveling To Guinea Bissau




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