Visa Requirements Us To Scotland  

Scotland has become a popular destination for many people from the US. It is important to know the visa requirements from US to Scotland so that you are not left red faced at the airport when showing your passport to the immigration authorities. Citizens of United States have two options while visiting Scotland for a visa.

One is they can apply for a Scotland visa through mail. However, they need to mail through secure courier so that their documents like passport, self-addressed international envelope, travel details, bank statements and documents supporting the reason for their visit to Scotland reach the Scottish embassy safely. The second option is to apply for a visa personally at the Scotland embassy in the United States or contact the nearest Scotland embassy. The application can be obtained directly and submitted on the spot for speed processing at the embassy itself.

Do citizens of the United States need a Visa to visit Scotland? If you are traveling from the United States directly to Scotland, then US citizens do not need a visa for a minimum period of 90 days.

If you are traveling to Scotland from some other country like India for example, then you would need a visa to visit Scotland and it has to be applied using one of the above mentioned procedures.

You would also need a visa in Scotland if you are likely to stay there for more than 90 days.

An American visiting Scotland would need international insurance coverage and you would need to submit the documents supporting your insurance coverage at the time of processing your visa application.

The other supporting documents needed for visa processing are valid passport, bank statements, credit card statements, letter of invitation or tour itinerary and recent passport photographs along with the application.

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Visa Requirements Us To Scotland




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